9 June 2014

Start shopping Sephora online at ZALORA today :)

It’s the beginning of the Great Singapore Sales this month and I’m so excited over it!
Time to get that fashion tote/clutch/dress/shoes/jeans/necklace which we’ve all been eyeing at discounted prices! :D More importantly, it’s a great chance to stock up on those necessities! Haircare, skincare, makeup and etc which you’ve been loyally using for the past year(s). Oh yes!

Q and I went to Sephora store to check out makeup and skincare.
Registered for a new loyalty card and got a freebie! Yay ^^

Sephora is not only a store that sells beauty products, it is a brand name itself that has a vast range of high-quality skincare, make-up, and other products. These exclusive products can only be found in Sephora stores!

*credits to cosmaddict.com/

Been a fan of Sephora since school days in Maastricht (The Netherlands) where there was a Sephora store just a few minutes WALK from our apartment! How convenient! I remember from Sephora, I can get supplies of makeup and skincare which were more suitable for our skins in the climate there. Not only that, if you do not intend to buy anything, it’s a wonderful place to just hang around, checking out countless new products and their delightful packaging. 

 photo ZaloraSephora1_zpse326f5dc.jpg

Imagine my happiness when I got to know that we can now buy Sephora online at ZALORA. It's so convenient! What's more, with an established shopping site like ZALORA, many of us should be very used to the interface and need not waste any precious time learning to navigate around.

Now that ZALORA is the exclusive online purveyor of Sephora in Singapore, start shopping Sephora online


Not only can we shop Sephora at the comfort of our home, we can easily browse through products or search for an particular item in a shorter time than in the physical store.
ZALORA website has the 'SORT' function whereby you can sort the Sephora products by New Arrivals, Lowest Price, Most Popular and etc.

 photo ZaloraSephora6_zpsc4119369.jpg

Learning of new products now is a breeze!
Simply sort by latest arrivals~


One of my favourite beauty masks from Sephora is also available online!


If you have a budget to work on, you can easily use the filter function to filter for products within a certain price range. Saves effort of sieving through things that are so tempting yet exceeding your shopping budget for the month :p


In addition, since we're in the GSS mood, you can sort the Sephora products to get the most discounted items in a minute second!
Sephora eyeshadows and nail polishes at 25% off!


On top of Sephora promotions, you will get additional discounts from ZALORA itself using credit cards or vouchers.
Sometimes, discounts would even simply fall onto your lap when you visit the site - like this pop-up $10 savings :D
(Yeah, who doesn't wanna save money right??)


So what are you waiting for? 

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